Cadiz Police awarded grant for mobile computers

The Cadiz Police Department has been awarded an $18,133 grant from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security to purchase new mobile data computers.

CPD Chief Hollis Alexander said the grant will allow the department to equip every officer with a mobile data computer (MDC).

“In this day and age, almost all of the paperwork that is required to be completed by police officers is done on a computer.  These mobile data terminals will allow the officer to take them wherever they go and complete their paperwork in a more timely manner,” CPD Chief Hollis Alexander said.

The MDC can also be used in police vehicles equipped with data terminals.  This can allow the officer to obtain vehicle and driver information on location, to include stolen vehicles, wanted individuals, or drivers who have no license or a suspended license.

“These MDCs will give our officers more knowledge quicker and allow them to assess their situation in a quick and safe manner,” Chief Alexander said.  “It will also allow them to complete their paperwork in the field instead of staying in the office too much.”

Chief Alexander said eight MDCs would be purchased in the coming weeks and assigned to officers who currently don’t have one.

The grant award was part of a $2.2 million allocation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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