Cadiz Police officers receive PepperBall training

Two Cadiz Police Officers have received training that certifies them as PepperBall instructors.

Major Duncan Wiggins and Sgt. Chad Grace completed the 16-hour training Sept. 27-28 in Central City.  One eight-hour training block certified them as PepperBall instructors for the Cadiz Police Department.  They will now be able to design a course in the safe and effective use of the system.

The eight-hour armorer certification was dedicated to the maintenance of the systems and taught them the correct way to de-assemble and assemble the system.

The Cadiz Police Department has utilized the PepperBall system for nearly 10 years, with Major Wiggins the first instructor for the department. 

“The PepperBall launcher is a hopper-fed, high pressure air launcher, much like a paintball gun,” Major Wiggins said.  “The PepperBall gun launches a hard-cased projectile filled with pepper powder that bursts on impact.”

The PepperBall launcher is used in non-lethal situations and can control a suspect from up to 150 feet.  It can also be used for crowd control in certain situations.

“We have had many successful applications with the launcher in the past 10 years, and this training allows us to further train our officers on its use and benefits,” Major Wiggins said.

The CPD has two launchers for officers to carry in their vehicles and be at their disposal if needed.

“This training is just part of the commitment of the Cadiz Police Department to further enhance officer safety as well as the safety of the suspect and the people who live here,” said Chief Hollis Alexander.  “Major Wiggins and Sgt. Grace can now use their training and experience to train every officer in our department to deal with people when the use of force is necessary.”

The training was conducted by PepperBall Technologies, Inc.

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