Cadiz Police receives grant to continue traffic safety program

The Cadiz Police Department has received a $9,300 grant to continue its traffic safety program into the year 2013.

It marks the fifth consecutive year the CPD has received the grant from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Highway Safety.  The funds will be used to pay for officer overtime hours and fuel during the course of increased patrol in high crash and speed-related areas of the city.

“Once again, this money will be put to good use in helping the police


department enforce traffic safety in the areas that we need to.  I think the numbers show this program has been a success,” said Chief Hollis Alexander.

In the five years from 2002 to 2007 before the CPD created the traffic


 safety program, the agency investigated an annual average of 23 injury crashes that injured 35 people.  Since creating the traffic safety program with the help of grant monies, the CPD has investigated an annual average of 14 injury crashes that injure 20 people – nearly a 65-percent decrease.

“We have identified the areas of the city with high crash rates and us


ed the manpower to increase patrols to look for aggressive and impaired drivers.  In the past few years, we have also increased the focus on our residential areas to combat speeders and those who fail to stop at stop signs,” Chief Alexander said.  “We don’t treat these grants as free money.  We take the safety of our citizens seriously and look for ways to prevent traffic crashes any way we can.”


As of today, the number of injury crashes in the city is on pace to reach a five-year low.  Subsequently, the number of injury crashes county-wide has seen a decrease during the same period.

“If people are mindful of traffic safety when they drive in the city


, it usually carries over to when they drive outside the city,” Chief Alexander said.


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