Jamaican 1-876 scams

A Trigg County resident has reported to police that she received a telephone call stating she had won money.  In order to collect, she had to give the caller some personal identification information and send in a percentage of the winnings out of her pocket to collect.

The phone number that appeared on her caller ID was 1-876-289-3586.

This is another in a long line of Jamaican scams that target the elderly.  They sometimes disguise their numbers to make it look like they are calling from somewhere in the United States.  Other times, the 876 area code appears. 

The Cadiz Police Department urges citizens to never wire money overseas in order to collect a larger prize.  Foreign lotteries in the United States are illegal.  And of course, never give out your personal information over the telephone to someone you don’t know.

The Federal Trade Commission estimates U.S. citizens were bilked of over $300 million in lottery scams that originated from Caribbean nations, including Jamaica.


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