Home Improvement scams

One of the more popular scams that we’ve seen in Cadiz and Trigg County in recent years are the home improvement contractors who often leave your home worse than they found it.

They will usually knock on your door with a story or a deal – the roofer who can spot some missing shingles on your roof, the paver with some leftover asphalt who can give you a great deal on driveway resealing, etc. 

These type of contractors constantly move around, trying to stay one step ahead of the police and the angry customers they leave behind.

The worst are those who move in after a natural disaster, taking advantage of desperate homeowners who need immediate help and may not be as suspicious as they would be under normal circumstances.

Legitimate contractors will not solicit door to door.  If you are approached by someone offering to do work on your home, ask them for local references.  If you continue to be suspicious, call the Cadiz Police Department.


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