Grandparent scam

The grandparent scam is possibly the most widespread senior scam, where the victim receives a call supposedly from a grandchild in trouble abroad and needing money urgently.

In most cases, the excuse is that the cash is needed to post bail and it has to be a money wire payment.  This is a dead giveaway for a scam.

In some cases, victims were told their grandchild had been kidnapped and that they had to pay a ransom.

In other cases, the scammers knew something about the grandchild and used an accomplice to impersonate their voice.

There have also been documented cases where they earlier phoned the genuine grandchild, pretending to be from a cell phone company, telling them to switch off their phone for a maintenance project, thus preventing the grandparent from checking the story.

The Cadiz Police Department urges people to never send money before confirming the whereabouts of the grandchild and to report any calls received like this to the police.


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